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Dance Traxx (The House Generation)

With Dance Traxx, Radio 800 had its own house and techno program. From April 1991 DJs Rafffke (Raf Van Breedam), DMC (Chris Maes) and M.C.M. (Mario Doms) pumping dance beats on the 103.8 los every Saturday evening from 9 pm to 1 am. A few months later, DJ Ronny den Draaier (Ronny Eeckelaert) joined the Dance Traxx team as a record supplier. With music genres still in their infancy and without competition from dance radios that did not exist at the time, the Dance Traxx jocks were pioneers of house and techno on FM. Already in the early nineties they played records by then unknown groups such as The Prodigy and Praga Khan. Due to a lack of financial resources (insufficient money for weekly fresh vinyl), the broadcasts were discontinued in May 1992.
Four years later, Radio 800 had invested heavily in the better DJ equipment (Pioneer CDJ500 CD players and mixing console) and Rafffke and DMC returned with great pleasure to the broadcasting building on the Willebroekse Stationsplein. From July 11, 1996, Thursday evenings (from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m.) became the regular spot for the Dance Traxx broadcasts. The program was now better thought out and thanks to a collaboration with well-known discotheques (such as Carré, Illusion and Extreme) and the leading Belgian record label Bonzai Records (Lightning Records), free entrance tickets and CDs could be given away to listeners every week. Dance Traxx also regularly gave young DJs from the region the opportunity to show their talents. In 1997 the program was (re)broadcast for several months on the Mechelen Radio Randstad. While DMC stuck to the popular buffoonery, Raf turned to the more alternative subgenres of house and techno. Friday November 7, 1997 and Friday November 6, 1998 were the D-day of Dance Traxx mania: together with Alain "Swakke" Sweers and dozens of other helpful sympathizers, Rafffke and DMC organized the legendary Dance Traxx Missions: parties in the Heilig Kruis hall in Willebroek where 500 fans flocked to. On Thursday December 10, 1998 the last episode of Dance Traxx was broadcast on Radio 800.

On the 10th february 2018 we had a big reunion party @ Willebroek.

Since 2020 is DANCE TRAXX back on the (internet) air.


The Reunion Party 10 02 2018

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